Nonprofit Partners

Alternatives for Better Living

Over 20 years ago a Napa psychotherapist and a Napa addictions counselor joined to provide a kinder more respectful approach to treatment. They wanted to make services more available and accessible, particularly to people with the greatest need and the fewest resources. One of our mottos is… “Treating people with respect.” Our clients often succeed in part because here they are treated as worthwhile human beings who are struggling with life. Alternatives provides anger management, parenting and substance abuse education and counseling in Napa California. They work with adults and adolescents. Alternatives for Better Living is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) social service agency.

With the proceeds from the raffle Alternatives for Better Living will be able to reinstate programs that were ended due to loss of funding. Programs like no-cost anger management classes in high schools and middle schools, no cost parenting programs for people with drug and alcohol problems and anger management classes for people in residential programs. In addition, there are many new programs that will be provided such as parenting programs for men convicted of violence in the home, managing your own emotions and classes focused on dealing with the whole person. Alternatives is dedicated to helping the Napa Valley community and its residents grow into happy healthier individuals.

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